How we can help

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is a critical step in the composition of a communications plan and feeds directly into the creative executions and long term identity of a brand. Motiveworks’ planning process is the culmination of impeccable research and proven excellence in analytical thinking to formulate enduring, effective, and hard-working strategy.

 Brand Psychology

Motiveworks reconsider brands as patterns of interactions between the consumer and the company. We use psychological theories and methods to feed into brand (re)positioning.

 Consumer Research

Motiveworks is unique in that it benefits from both academic and industry experience. Analysis is carried out not only through market research but also using innovative academic methods and specialised software. Based on clients’ specific objectives, bespoke effectiveness metrics are constructed. The ensuing brand and consumer insights can be applied in the business context or used to strategically create more effective communications solutions.

 Consumer Behaviour

Traditionally, the strategic planner assumes the role of voice and Guardian of the Consumer. With a proven record in Psychology and Consumer Research, Motiveworks will represent not only the consumer’s voice but also the consumer’s mind using sound psychological theories and principles to establish a profound understanding of the client’s audience. Motiveworks also employs meticulous and best-in-class processes to foresee future developments and patterns in consumer behaviour.


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