End of a medium-length line

So I’m leaving Motiveworks. I don’t know what’s going to happen with it. Since joining Owens DDB and setting up the planning unit (Motiveworks) here, I’ve been encouraged and frustrated, as is the case with anyone making a career change and trying to build something new. I think there’s a place for an evidence base … Continue reading

Can Nintendo keep it up?

Brand positioning, segmentation and pricing have been core to the success of the Wii. The company managed to differentiate its product from those of its competitors by creating a new console which incorporated new motion sensor technology as well as offering simple ‘casual’ games targeted at the whole family. By doing this, Nintendo has expanded … Continue reading

Our guess at what’s coming down the tracks for 2012

We’re finalising some stuff in the office, but before we dispatch our last bits of client work for the year, here are some of our thoughts about what we think is in the air for 2012. Here’s our mix of global and Irish predictions. 1. Facebook and Google will fine-tune their user analytics for advertisers. … Continue reading

The lazy but seductive focus group

    Too often, market researchers have just two shots in their research locker: the survey and the focus group. Both have the potential to work well, but you need to understand what they’re best suited for and where they should not be used at all, or need to be supplemented with other qual methods, … Continue reading