Can Nintendo keep it up?

Brand positioning, segmentation and pricing have been core to the success of the Wii. The company managed to differentiate its product from those of its competitors by creating a new console which incorporated new motion sensor technology as well as offering simple ‘casual’ games targeted at the whole family. By doing this, Nintendo has expanded … Continue reading

Do you want to live forever? Here’s how…

We all know the Facebook statistics. How many people are signed up to the site. How many actively log in each day. How long each visit lasts on average. The average number of friends each user is connected to. Well, here’s a new one for the list: three Facebook users die every minute. Facebook or … Continue reading

The Digital Challenge for News Media

The blogosphere is abuzz at the moment with discussion of the Guardian’s newly announced “digital first” strategy. Journalism and advertising have long been intertwined. The recession has seen brands slash their advertising expenditure but, more importantly, the digital revolution has instigated a paradigmatic shift in how news is reported, distributed and shared: whereas it used … Continue reading

Consumer insight technology & the crawl to monetization

I was talking to a guy I know last night in a pub in Ranelagh about tech R&D in consumer behaviour. Our conversation turned to the startling changes in pace in bringing tech ideas to the market (angel or venture capital, in a lot of cases, rather than direct to the marketplace). My friend works … Continue reading

The Future of Online Television is here. Isn’t it?

“You don’t have NETFLIX?!!! You guys still have to go to the video store and rent movies??” THIS is a direct quote (exclamations and all) from a friend of mine, Anne who hails from Pittsburgh, PA. It was in response to me, unaware of the gravity of the statement I was about to make, mentioning … Continue reading