Our guess at what’s coming down the tracks for 2012

We’re finalising some stuff in the office, but before we dispatch our last bits of client work for the year, here are some of our thoughts about what we think is in the air for 2012. Here’s our mix of global and Irish predictions. 1. Facebook and Google will fine-tune their user analytics for advertisers. … Continue reading

Eamon O’Cuiv and the fiction of the party political brand

TV3’s documentary on the current sorry state of Fianna Fáil last night touched off the question of the party’s brand. Senior figures from the pantheon of FF greats (OK, I’m joking) commented on the worth, heritage, and connotations of the name Fianna Fáil. Party political brands are deemed by the commentariat to be of much … Continue reading

How will we know if our ideas will fly?

Training in strategic thinking is a cash cow. Every issue of the major business magazines is brimming over with ads from universities offering courses to aspiring or current C-suite people. Strategy is, I believe, the single biggest gap in the advertising sector (knowledge of financials is a deficit common to most business function: hence why … Continue reading