Do you want to live forever? Here’s how…

We all know the Facebook statistics. How many people are signed up to the site. How many actively log in each day. How long each visit lasts on average. The average number of friends each user is connected to. Well, here’s a new one for the list: three Facebook users die every minute. Facebook or … Continue reading

Unfinished John Green Novel Hits Number One on Amazon – A “How To” of Social Media in Advertising.

Last Tuesday 28th June, the best-selling American author John Green bagged the number one spot on both and for his new book, “The Fault in Our Stars”. Not only is Green’s latest offering as of yet unfinished, but its early success is attributed not to a flashy media blitz or carefully crafted campaign, but to … Continue reading

Social media and ‘establishment’ firms: putting the cart before the horse?

Had a conversation there over lunch with a marcomms person working in financial services: he said he was working on introducing social media to his company as a comms tool.  The conversation turned to the unthinking adoption of social media, where it seems that many companies don’t ask themselves if they’ve anything to say online. … Continue reading