The Digital Challenge for News Media

The blogosphere is abuzz at the moment with discussion of the Guardian’s newly announced “digital first” strategy. Journalism and advertising have long been intertwined. The recession has seen brands slash their advertising expenditure but, more importantly, the digital revolution has instigated a paradigmatic shift in how news is reported, distributed and shared: whereas it used … Continue reading

Is there no escaping the celebrity news?

Last weekend saw the first Bank holiday of the summer and had everything one can expect from arguably the busiest of the year including a heat wave, Dublin senior footballers making their way to a Leinster Semi Final and bucket loads of celebrity gossip and news. I can imagine there were very few people who … Continue reading

Planners are flat earth thinkers when it comes to demographics

The Financial Times has a good quality reader survey that got me thinking. In social science research, and in the applied end of the practice in advertising and marketing, there’s an entrenched interest in demographics. It could be argued that media planning in particular is a blend of demographics, spots and frequencies.  But demographics only … Continue reading

The Future of Online Television is here. Isn’t it?

“You don’t have NETFLIX?!!! You guys still have to go to the video store and rent movies??” THIS is a direct quote (exclamations and all) from a friend of mine, Anne who hails from Pittsburgh, PA. It was in response to me, unaware of the gravity of the statement I was about to make, mentioning … Continue reading