Do you want to live forever? Here’s how…

We all know the Facebook statistics. How many people are signed up to the site. How many actively log in each day. How long each visit lasts on average. The average number of friends each user is connected to. Well, here’s a new one for the list: three Facebook users die every minute. Facebook or … Continue reading

Celebrity endorsement and the gullible consumer

Ken’s post below on America’s penchant for inappropriate health advertising brought Jenny McCarthy’s insane and clearly ill-informed crusade against the MMR vaccine hurling to the fore and got me thinking about how receptive the public are to celebrity endorsements. Shampoo, jeans, bags, and now the welfare of their children are the big life decisions being dictated … Continue reading

Rate cards, free speech, and public health.

A friend of mine in the US alerted me to this fascinating debate he came across on Salon on the right to advertise this nonsense (I’m pinning my colours to the mast and saying that the science against vaccines is bad to awful: the BMJ has some excellent work in this area, and learned from … Continue reading