Is there no escaping the celebrity news?

Last weekend saw the first Bank holiday of the summer and had everything one can expect from arguably the busiest of the year including a heat wave, Dublin senior footballers making their way to a Leinster Semi Final and bucket loads of celebrity gossip and news. I can imagine there were very few people who … Continue reading

Is it bad for a brand to be too reliant on one persona?

At this stage, the Royal Wedding is a fairly distant memory for almost everyone (except, presumably, for the winning bidder of Princess Beatrice’s Philip Treacy hat) but with all the commotion over Kate Middleton’s wedding dress I began to think about brands that have a personality or ‘face’ that is too visible, eclipsing the name … Continue reading

Celebrity endorsement and the gullible consumer

Ken’s post below on America’s penchant for inappropriate health advertising brought Jenny McCarthy’s insane and clearly ill-informed crusade against the MMR vaccine hurling to the fore and got me thinking about how receptive the public are to celebrity endorsements. Shampoo, jeans, bags, and now the welfare of their children are the big life decisions being dictated … Continue reading