Puma goes off track to grow a social clothes brand

How are multiple brands advertised so that the consumer decides that one product is better than its competitor? One perfect example of this brand “rivalry” is illustrated by the sportswear market, and more specifically, by the competition that exists between Nike, Adidas, and Puma. Out of the three, Nike brings in the most revenue per … Continue reading

The Digital Challenge for News Media

The blogosphere is abuzz at the moment with discussion of the Guardian’s newly announced “digital first” strategy. Journalism and advertising have long been intertwined. The recession has seen brands slash their advertising expenditure but, more importantly, the digital revolution has instigated a paradigmatic shift in how news is reported, distributed and shared: whereas it used … Continue reading

Unfinished John Green Novel Hits Number One on Amazon – A “How To” of Social Media in Advertising.

Last Tuesday 28th June, the best-selling American author John Green bagged the number one spot on both amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com for his new book, “The Fault in Our Stars”. Not only is Green’s latest offering as of yet unfinished, but its early success is attributed not to a flashy media blitz or carefully crafted campaign, but to … Continue reading