Are we preferring cinema experience to film content?

The recent closure of the Lighthouse cinema has caused me to think about the current perception of cinema in Ireland. Why exactly did the Lighthouse close? Is it simply another casualty of the recession? Was it in an awkward place for people to get to? Or was there simply not a big enough market for … Continue reading

Consumer insight technology & the crawl to monetization

I was talking to a guy I know last night in a pub in Ranelagh about tech R&D in consumer behaviour. Our conversation turned to the startling changes in pace in bringing tech ideas to the market (angel or venture capital, in a lot of cases, rather than direct to the marketplace). My friend works … Continue reading

How will we know if our ideas will fly?

Training in strategic thinking is a cash cow. Every issue of the major business magazines is brimming over with ads from universities offering courses to aspiring or current C-suite people. Strategy is, I believe, the single biggest gap in the advertising sector (knowledge of financials is a deficit common to most business function: hence why … Continue reading

Celebrity endorsement and the gullible consumer

Ken’s post below on America’s penchant for inappropriate health advertising brought Jenny McCarthy’s insane and clearly ill-informed crusade against the MMR vaccine hurling to the fore and got me thinking about how receptive the public are to celebrity endorsements. Shampoo, jeans, bags, and now the welfare of their children are the big life decisions being dictated … Continue reading

Planners are flat earth thinkers when it comes to demographics

The Financial Times has a good quality reader survey that got me thinking. In social science research, and in the applied end of the practice in advertising and marketing, there’s an entrenched interest in demographics. It could be argued that media planning in particular is a blend of demographics, spots and frequencies.  But demographics only … Continue reading