Rate cards, free speech, and public health.

A friend of mine in the US alerted me to this fascinating debate he came across on Salon on the right to advertise this nonsense (I’m pinning my colours to the mast and saying that the science against vaccines is bad to awful: the BMJ has some excellent work in this area, and learned from … Continue reading

Royal weddings and Arthur’s Day: can marketeers invent tradition?

No particular topical reason for this post, although I’m sure my brain has been bothered by the background hum about the royal wedding. Thinking about how much hype there is about the wedding reminded me of a really impressive book I read some time ago, called The Invention of Tradition. It’s impossible to capture the … Continue reading

If it sounds too good to be true…

In the process of researching Groupon for this blog, I came across the men and women of new US television series, Extreme Couponing. How could the relatively gentle and innocuous pastime of coupon-clipping be EXTREME, you ask? Well if you had watched the clip above you wouldn’t need me to answer that. In another clip, … Continue reading

Carrot and stick in the census campaign: where’s the incentive?

The civic-minded person within me likes Language’s ad for Census 2011. However, the cynic (or the realist) then takes over. My problem is not with the ad itself, but with the selling of the census. We’re told in the ad that it’s good for us to make our mark on April 10, as we can … Continue reading