An exemplary blog: Room435, and what blogs should do, but don’t.

Neasa Cunniffe’s blog is for us, the most thought-provoking and considered blog by a ‘non-celebrity’ in advertising.

I was advised by some people to check out blogs as a good way to get up to speed with advertising.  Coming from an academic background, I was used to a quite formal way of writing, so I was looking forward to the freshness that a blog can capture. But I’ve been quite disappointed.

A lot of blogs are poorly constructed self-advertisements, and simply don’t hold my attention. Others are all too knowing, and the tone quickly palls. Still more are just a rehashing of some PR press release, or an insider news story that’s dated within a day or two. Others chase funky ads, in a way that seems more suited to a tweet than the format of a blog.

Neasa’s blog is different. It approaches timelessness, in that the posts are not confined to one day or week in time. She writes as a real person who happens to work in advertising, so her curiosity and clarity of thinking come through, and are not hidden by agency verbiage.

I’ll own up to what others might consider a  bias when I say I used to lecture Neasa in university, but for me, this means I’d be even more critical on former students in how they go about things! Her blog is ideal coffee time out material, not as mental chewing gum, but as material to reflect on advertising and the human factor therein.

Posted by Ken.


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