The Future of Online Television is here. Isn’t it?

“You don’t have NETFLIX?!!! You guys still have to go to the video store and rent movies??” THIS is a direct quote (exclamations and all) from a friend of mine, Anne who hails from Pittsburgh, PA. It was in response to me, unaware of the gravity of the statement I was about to make, mentioning … Continue reading

An exemplary blog: Room435, and what blogs should do, but don’t.

Neasa Cunniffe’s blog is for us, the most thought-provoking and considered blog by a ‘non-celebrity’ in advertising. I was advised by some people to check out blogs as a good way to get up to speed with advertising.  Coming from an academic background, I was used to a quite formal way of writing, so I … Continue reading

IAPI Energiser talk slides now online

Ken from Motiveworks spoke this morning at the first of IAPI’s Energiser talks for 2011. The slides are available here.